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Thank you so much to everyone who has donated to the Angelo Civic Theatre`s Fall Fun Drive. We appreciate it more than you will ever know. There is still time, if you would like to join this list of supporters, please contact the Angelo Civic Theatre for more information. 


Steve and Pollyanna Stephens Cameron O` Briant Grady Harlow

Robert Broene

Lisa Heath Curtis and Jana Jenkins
Bill and Candy Mikeska Julie Hamil Anthony and Carolyn Strappel
Ryan and Kara Hilmes  Ron Reiner Mike and Ruthie Thompson
Bill and Rosemary Moore Laurie Selwyn Joseph and Barbara Rallo
Ben and Lenora Pool David and Margo Schaubs Karen Brothers
Gary and Adra Enos Larry Hettick Fred Wilson
Betsey Garvin Jack and Ann Moore Randy and Roberta McCrea
Lea Beyerlein Dave and Karen Neumann Bill McSpadden
Thomas Beauchamp William and Lynette Ott Russell and Angi Wilke
Linda Simpson David and Mary Anne White Marta Turney
Virginia Chase Ray and La Quita Bishop Betty Jo Wilde
Donald and Priscilla Griffis John Multer Edwin and Nancy Kloboucnik
Pat and Suzy Makins Shannon Corona Sheila Fisher
Frank Mitchell Robert and Susan Pfluger Gretta Warren
Michelle Johnson Coral Jean Warren Ann Light
Susan and Bobby Bell Hal and Vicki Joyce Daniel and Diana Ortiz
Gilberto Esquivel Joseph and Alison Satterfield  Koste Belcheff



Welcome to the longest-running community theatre in Texas! For 135 years, Angelo Civic Theatre has been dedicated to creating art and bonding the community.    

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