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One of the art world's most enduring elements--theatre--derives its capacity for survival and success from the will of the people and the community it serves. Perhaps that is why Angelo Civic Theatre's rich history is such a vivid testament to San Angelo's artistic spirit.

Angelo Civic Theatre traces its developmental roots from a dramatic society that was formed on November 21, 1885, and whose first project was initiated to secure funds for a town clock. Although vacillating economic times and two world wars suspended the artistic efforts of the community on a number of occasions, theatrical productions continued.

In 1950, upon the creation of the San Angelo Civic Theatre, a sustainable form of theatre was realized. In 1980, the theatre's Board of Directors raised the funds necessary to purchase and renovate the Parkway Theatre into a 230-seat theatre that continues as the Theatre's current home.

Mission Statement

The mission of Angelo Civic Theatre is to culturally enrich, educate, and entertain through the art of theatre and theatrical performance and to encourage community participation in all aspects thereof.


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